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Wild animals are killed for a variety of reasons – wildlife management, pest control, food and sport – and by numerous methods, some intentional, others unintentional. Here, Woody Webster of the Good Trapping Company raises some relevant points. 

Fluffy photographs of cute animals is something adults use for children as learning tools around the world. Most people, of course, know the reality is not as depicted in cartoons or adoring animals living in harmony with each other. Rather it’s a messy and chaotic world animals live in and that is the way they like it.

Animal rights groups fully neglect animal species that they cannot catch on film or are unattractive to the eye, and which haven’t been glorified by Disney.

The brown rat – often ignored by animal rightists.

Not once has the League Against Cruel Sport ever protested about the killing of rats for either pest control or sport and their hypocrisy was made clear when hunting a rat with dogs was excluded from the Hunting Act.

Not once has the League Against Cruel Sports stood up against the use of poisons on mammals, especially the rat.

Rats may be small, often out of sight and at times surprising and unnerving, but mostly harmless when kept away from the build environment. Rats have a higher cognitive ability than most large mammals including foxes, badgers and deer.

But the poor rat hasn’t been glorified by the media or taught to 4-year olds as a ‘cute pretty thing’.

So how is it that the League and other animal rights groups conveniently forget that poison is used throughout the country in and around the built environment, often by low paid pest control technicians, to kill rats and inevitably causing a slow and agonising death.

How is it that dogs are used with great effect in catching rats and killing them promptly, aided by the thrill of the chase from the huntsmen – both for pest control and for enjoyment. How is it the League has not once fought to protect the lowly rat?

It is clear. They prey on the fans of Disney who hold on to what they were told as children. They appear to be prejudiced towards thinking those who are rich should be punished and banning hunting with hounds seems a plausible way to do it. Nothing to do with animal welfare.

Animal rights activists claimed success of the Hunting Act 2004 in preventing foxes to be hunted with dogs. These same activists hate laws that allow ‘Disneyfied’ animals to be left happily in the wild and the managed sensibly through sport. Their hatred is built on fantasies of Disney, fake news and class prejudice. The animal rights activist never stands up for the rat. The lowly, but highly intelligent rat will never be protected as long as the animal rights activists think Disney is real life.

Woody Webster, The Good Trapping Company       http://www.goodtrappingcompany.co.uk

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